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In the world of business, both online and offline, it doesn’t pay to be a wallflower.

You don’t want to blend into the background, because it means that you’ll be instantly forgettable and easily replaceable.

You already know this, of course, but what can you do to establish a stronger brand identity, one that fans, followers, and customers will remember? One that will stick in their minds the next time they’re interested in something that you might offer?

While there is no such thing as a magic bullet, you do have it in your power to stack the odds in your favor. And these 9 ways are easily accessible by brands and businesses of all sizes, even if you’re only a company of one.

1. Capitalize on major social media platforms

This may go without saying, but you’d really be surprised by just how many modern companies are not taking full advantage of social media. That starts with using your brand logo and creating visuals and background profiles that further promote your brand identity.

It would be unreasonable for a very small company to uphold a presence on every platform under the sun. Instead, be active on the three big ones for sure – Twitter, Facebook,... Read More

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Life has taught me that good things should be expensive — especially when it comes to any type of digital marketing services. If you’re not an expert, you can end up getting something far from what you’ve been expecting.

Here’s an example of “the best mascot image you can get for your event” that I paid for when organizing one of our first Digital Olympus events:

Just for reference, this is how our mascot looked originally:

My point is, just like working with freelance designers, hiring SEO consultants is only safe when you know exactly what you need and can control every step of the contract. This both relates to the scope or work and the price of contract.

I get really confused when I hear that the price of an average SEO agency contract starts at $1k USD. This number was first shared by Rand Fishkin in 2012 when he asked 600 agencies about their typical rates. Later, in 2018, that same number was published by Ahrefs when they did a similar survey.

As an SEO practitioner, I’m a bit disappointed with the stability of rates, but what bothers me the most is that this rate doesn’t really include link building. I can hardly imagine a suc... Read More

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Think crafting is kids’ stuff? Think again. The owners of quilting, yarn, bead, fabric, woodworking, art supply, stationers, edible arts, and related shops know that:

The crafting industry generated $44 billion in 2016 in the US alone.63% of American households engage in at least one crafting project annually, while more than one in four participate in 5+ per year.The top three craft store chains in the country (Michaels, JOANN, Hobby Lobby) operate nearly 3,000 locations, just among themselves.There are an estimated 3,200 US storefronts devoted to quilting alone. Thousands more vend everything from the stuff of ancient arts (knitting, with a 1,000-year history) to the trendy and new (unicorn slime, which, yes, is really a thing).

Our local search marketing industry has devoted abundant time to advising major local business categories over the past couple of decades, but crafting is one substantial retail niche we may have overlooked. I’d like to rectify this today.

I feel personally inspired by craft store owners. Over the years, I’ve learned to sew, quilt, embroider, crochet, knit, and bead, and before I became a local search marketer, I was a working fine artist. I even drafted a sewing pattern once that was featured in a crafting magazine. Through my own exploration of arts and crafts, I’ve come to know so many independent business owners in this industry, and have marketed several of them. These are gutsy people who ta... Read More

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