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Social media has become a ubiquitous medium for individuals and companies alike. As of 2017, 81 percent of Americans and more than three billion people worldwide have at least one social media profile. Despite social media’s widespread usage, its ROI remains difficult for marketers to pinpoint.

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat, different social media platforms can be essential parts of customer outreach. The key is to determine which of those avenues is most beneficial for your company.

But determining the best social media marketing path to take is no easy feat. Simply Measured found in its 2017 State of Social Marketing Report that marketers’ top concern with social media is ROI; as of 2017, about 65 percent of social media teams were housed within their companies’ marketing departments—teams already tasked with justifying ROI at every turn.

And even if a company has identified Instagram, for example, as the best social media platform for reaching its target audience, it can be difficult to keep up with the ROI of posts made by an in-house expert. That difficulty increases when marketers team up with social media influencers.

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Your reputation is important. Branding is a fundamental focus of successful businesses. Companies spend fortunes watching social media for mentions, checking out reviews, paying for review posts on popular blogs, advertising through influencer videos, dealing with customer service complaints, and holding massive customer engagement campaigns.

Certainly, you’ve been doing your best on a more limited budget. But have you been building landing pages for the task? Believe it or not, landing pages can be one of the best possible ways to manage your reputation, because they give you total control over the narrative.

Landing pages work for both reputation management (because they are able to rank for your brand name) and traffic + lead generation. (If you do this right, they are able to direct clicks to your site.)

Where else can you get that kind of power? Through a social media page? Blog comments? Video responses? Nope! On a landing page, you can present the image and information you want and use it to help cultivate your reputation from the very first click. Everything else will follow.

How to Brainstorm Your Reputation Management Landing Page Topic

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This is the time marketers typically look at statistics from the past year and determine how those findings could shape the coming months. Below, we’ll closely examine details from Searchmetrics’s “Media Ranking Factors Data Insights for Performing on Google,” plus what those specifics mean for you, your industry, and your colleagues.

People Under 30 Prefer Their Phones for Reading News

It’s probably not surprising that the majority of survey respondents under 30 hardly leave home without their smartphones. However, if your search engine strategy has largely overlooked mobile until now, that’s a mistake.

The survey discovered 70 percent of people from that demographic would rather use their smartphones than desktop computers when getting caught up on the news. Also, across all age groups, people want to click on news links and efficiently access news content.

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Do you need to streamline your Facebook marketing activities? Have you explored all of the functions Facebook has for marketers? In this article, you’ll discover 12 overlooked Facebook features that help you better manage your content and communities. #1: Customize Your News Feed The Facebook algorithm and the posts that get shown in the news [...]

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