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Social media is evolving. Brands need to do more today than just have active profiles on different marketing channels.

Successful businesses are increasing their presence by leveraging relationships with social influencers to create brand awareness.

We’re seeing an increase in the use of micro influencers, which made my list of the top marketing trends to look for in 2018. So for those of you who haven’t implemented this strategy yet, it’s time to get your feet wet.

You may be surprised to hear how big of an impact influencer marketing campaigns can have on your company. In fact, 30% of people say they are more likely to buy a product if a non-celebrity influencer recommends it to them.

The results will vary by generation.

For example, if you are marketing to Generation Z, you’ll need to know that 70% of this group say they can relate to YouTube creators more than to traditional celebrities.

This means you don’t have to find pop culture icons like Kanye West or Shaquille O’Neal to promote your brand. It’s great news because this will obviously be more cost-effective for your marketing budget.

But since influencer marketing at this scale is relatively new for most businesses, it can feel as if you’re entering uncharted waters.

Where do you find social influencers? How much should they be paid? Do they have enough followers to have an impact on your business?

Fortunately, there are online platf... Read More


It’s a common misconception that you need to always focus on customer acquisition to drive sales and increase profits.

I hear this all the time when I’m consulting business owners. You can generate sales in many other ways.

Sometimes, all you need to do is make subtle changes to your existing process. That way, you can improve the experience of your current customers and get them to spend more money.

You should set goals that help you increase the average purchase order and buying frequency.

One of the best ways to do this is by encouraging mobile spending.

Mobile trends are on the rise. In fact, over the past six months, 62% of consumers with a smartphone have completed an online purchase from their mobile devices.

In 2017, mobile commerce held a 34.5% share of total ecommerce sales in the United States. At this growth rate, experts predict this number is to rise to 54% by the year 2021.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. That’s because seemingly everyone has a mobile device glued to their hands at all times.

Smartphones. Tablets. That’s where people are browsing and consuming. Recognize these trends, and accommodate the needs of mobile users.

Here’s the bottom line. If you can encourage customers to buy from their mobile devices, you’ll be able to make more money. I’ll explain everything you need to know in order to make this happen.

Optimize your website for mobile devices

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Everyone has a story, what’s yours?

I’m not referring to your life story, although there are times when that can be intriguing as well. Instead, I’m talking about things like how you started your business.

What was your motivation?

Sure, everyone gets into business to make money, but there has to be more to it than that. Stories are a powerful way to connect with your audience.

That’s because they can entice all different types of emotions. The key is finding a way to drive sales by guiding these emotions.

One of my favorite ways to do this is by using your brand’s story.

I know what you’re thinking. Your brand’s story isn’t that interesting or worth sharing. Or maybe you’ve got a good story, but you just don’t know how to tell it.

But if you learn how to master the art of storytelling, it can help you increase sales revenue.

Not sure how to approach this? Don’t worry. I’ll teach you how to leverage your brand’s story to make more money. Here’s what you need to know.

Your story needs to simple

For starters, it’s important for you to keep things simple.

We’re not trying to write a Martin Scorsese film here. Stay away from plot twists, mysteries, or thought-provoking endings with an open-ended interpretation.

Your story needs to have a clear beginning, middle, and end. So before you can share this story, you’ve got to take the time to figure these components out.


As we grapple daily with the mayhem of modern marketing it may be hard to believe, but once upon a time marketing was fairly simple.

If you covered the big three – print, radio, and television – you were in pretty good shape.

In those simpler times, we could carefully craft an annual marketing plan and then execute it with little to no adjustment. Campaigns were big, and they came out infrequently. Plans were equally big, and they changed very rarely.

While those simpler days of stable plans are certainly gone, I wonder if the marketing world has evolved to keep pace. Most marketers now work in quarter-long plans and think they’re doing pretty well, but in a volatile, digital, hyper-connected world a lot can change in 90 days.

And marketing teams should be able to respond accordingly.

So let’s imagine that Team A changes their process to run in two-week iterations instead of a quarterly plan. They can now re-calibrate every fourteen days instead of every 90 days.

Compared to Team B, who’s only adjusting their plan every quarter, this team is 543% faster.

They deliver something to their audience 6x more often.*

Sounds good, right?

Agile ... Read More

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